Free Wifi
Free: a tooth blush / a body sponge / cotton set
Sales: a razor / detergency

front / lounge / kitchen / laundry room / toilet / shower room

toilet / toilet for women / shower room


Free Wifi
*Children under age of 8 are unacceptable.
*Pets are not allowed in our hotel.

– Cancel Policy –
7days before: 100% of the first night’s accommodation

Procedure : from reservation to check-in

Check-in: 16:00-
Check-out: -11:00
Business hours 11:00-21:00.

1. After receiving your reservation, we send you an e-mail which contains two passwords. One is for our entrance door, the other is for your room’s key box at the check-in counter. Please do not fail to check our confirmation e-mail.
2. If you arrive between 16:00 and 21:00, please check-in at the front desk just as you normally do.
3. If you arrive later than 21:00 and if the door is locked, please unlock the door using the password in our confirmation e-mail and enter.
4. At the counter, you see key boxes with your name on it. Open your key box using the password in our confirmation e-mail.
5. Pick up your room key and a floor guide and have a good night’s sleep in your room.

If you have any questions or need help, please ask our staff. For the hours while our front door is closed, the staff at Chiyoda Inn, the next-door accommodation are available. Chiyoda Inn is open 8:00-24:00. Feel free to open the door for assistance.
Thank you!